Setrina has always wanted to be a real hero – just not one of the Heroes, the police force on Elarthe. In a world where the definition of heroes or villains are blurry, our heroine will have much to learn about what it means to be a real hero.

Updates every Wednesday.

The adventures of an amnesiac girl, a sweet walrus, a constipated guppy fish and a giant dragon, as they journey to The Sun, to seek out The Powers That Be. 

Updates every Monday.

Set in Malaysia, Ben enlists the help of Romeo and Tom Kurus to scam money from a rich young lady. The scam pulls through – with terrible, unexpected consequences. 

Stand-alone comic, completed

When a woman leaves the real world and jumps into a fantasy world, her absence and presence are felt in both worlds. See what happens in both sides of The Divide.

Stand-alone comic, completed.

Shapes, elegant lines and patterns to ignite your curiousity.

Designs to put on shirts, stickers, cards and all the things we love to use.

Illustrations, impulsive art projects, the pretty and the oddity – find it all here.

Fanart of the media I love, whether they be mainstream movies or webcomics.

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