Well, not quite that magical, but certainly useful.

When designing this website for the first time, I made a rookie mistake – not ensuring first the website’s theme is mobile friendly. I had thought that this could be done with the Elementor website builder, but alas, not even the ever-useful Elementor could turn a not-responsive theme into a responsive one.

As you and I know, viewing sites on smartphones is the future (not to mention handy), so it was a must to ensure that this website was just as mobile friendly.

The issue? I got too attached with the current theme to look for another theme. Combined that with my very limited skills in html and CSS and whatnot, trying to use a new theme all over again… far too time-consuming for my taste.

Fortunately, a solution seemed present!


After some testing, I settled with the WPTouch plugin and… it worked wonders. Some fiddling with the colour schemes, the menu and here we have it.

Just like that, one of my main headaches has been resolved. Ready for the future now!

Also, before I forget – if you want to know if your site is mobile friendly, you can use this site to test it:


See you in the future!

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