Hiya there, this is the official opening of this site, so thanks for dropping by!

The gist of this site is to post my current webcomics and the best of my works. So what we’ll have here are:

  • The Walrus, the Guppy Fish & the Dragon – My longest running webcomic. The above characters and an amnesiac girl get into weird or fantastical adventures while travelling together. Updates Mondays.
  • The Divide – A completed comic, originally drawn for the MICC 2011. When a jaded woman crosses over to a fantasy world, we see what happens there and the real world, and those who are affected by The Divide.
  • Heroes Never Die – a WIP webcomic. I will be posting the occasional world-setting or character sheets in the meantime.
  • Abstract Art – A different form of art that I’ve dabbled with, and which has taken a little more serious intention.
  • Graphic Design – Works done for commercial purpose.
  • Blog – The occasional gabbing, like this one. ;P

If you want to get updates on this site, you can sign up for the Happy Fridays email (psst, it’s at your right). You’ll also get a weekly random quick sketch too.

As of now, not all the Walrus comics are uploaded here – so I’ll be uploading them five at a time, starting next Monday. I’ll also be uploading the rest of my abstract arts, two at a time.

Also, as this is my sort-of first time in website design, if you encounter something weird while browsing about, drop a comment here and let me know, okay?

That’s all for now, have a great weekend!

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