Hi, I’m Diana Chan (a.k.a. Diana-HND), an artist living in the Malaysia. I love reading and drawing comics. I also draw the occasional abstract arts.

I aim to create comics & stories that inspire heroism and adventure, filled with humour, challenges and obstacles, yet always laced with hope.

My abstract art involves patterns, lines and shapes that inspires mystery and curiousity.

I also have a full-time beagle called Pickles and freelance pet birds (a.k.a. wild zebra doves that we feed):

Email: dianahnd86@gmail.com

Internet haunts:

  • Deviantart: For all comics and artworks old, loose, sketches and pure fun. If you want to see what I’ve been up to besides what I’ve posted in this site, you can check out the old comics I did there.
  • Instagram: For abstract art or pattern works.
  • Twitter: For a quickie announcement, or a word or two. A good place to keep track of quick updates or announcements. 
  • Tumblr: For tumbling around and the occasional sketch.
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