I was attempting to set up a mailing list, to provide a weekly updates to interested folks. I stumbled upon MailChimp and TinyLetter, and I discovered something interesting.

In mailing lists, you are required to provide an actual physical address, be it that of your home or a P.O. box address. Apparently, this is a legal requirement, in accordance to anti-spam laws. Of course, laws differ between countries, but it’s always good to stay on the safe side. It kinda makes sense to insist on an actual address – this is supposed to prevent spam flying around.

This sorta blows, because I had thought to introduce a funny fake address:

The Street of the Hopeful & the Brave,

Not Hogwarts,


It would have been funny. But I doubt I’d actually laugh if this gets me on the wrong side of the law. I’ll have to figure out if I really should introduce a mailing list, or get myself a P.O. Box address.

Remember, folks! When creating your own mailing list, please try not to use a fake address – it’s technically not legal to do that!

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