Sincerest of thanks to:

  • To God. Seriously. I owe it to them for kicking my lazy butt off the couch and making me draw this.
  • To Mangakawa and Genji-rose. The dialogues were initially painful to read because of the grammar errors. Good lordie, where did my England skillz go?! Thanks for fixing up my England wordz there!
  • To Maxsterism, Sapphire1010, and Greenfrostfire for pointing out where I could improve the comic.
  • To Kenton-Alkemi, for reassuring blur old Diana that printing the comic in RBG mode is NOT going to fudge up on actual paper. I almost printed it out on CYMK mode, it would looked pretty weird if I did!

And many thanks to others who’ve read this comic! 🙂
I hope you like it!

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