The End.

And that bag is STILL stuck there!

Maybe I should do a sequel:

The Divide: Return of the Lonely Bag. 

I’m kidding.



The whole gist of this story is to tell a real-world-fantasy-cliche-story in a different way. Everytime I see those type of stories, quite often, it’s shown that the main character, who came from the real world, has it so much better in the fantasy world. But then there are stories where the main character drops into our real world and has it better, too.

But in reality, is it the switching of worlds that makes them happy? More often than not, it’s the mindset that needs a little fixing before they can truly feel happy.

In the case of this story, there’s happy endings for both real world and the fantasy world.
Happiness is sometimes far closer to us than we think.

I may have drawn and written this comic, but credits to follow on to the next page!


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