The latest known map of the world of Elarthe. Its inhabitants have not fully explored the world yet, the light striking blue denoting unchartered waters.

Areas of interest:

  • The Atreyas continent – The continent belonging to the Magi. It is a land where magic powers are abundant, fitting for a magically-inclined race like themselves.
  • The Zorga continent – Home to the martial race Warlocks. Despite close proximity to the magically abundant Atreyas, Zorga is mostly anti-magic, allowing the Warlocks to have full reign over it.
  • City of Belcazzar – Due to historical and geographical reasons, the giant city is the centre of trade between the known continents of Elarthe. As such, its citizens are multi-race, with immigrants coming from all over. It is unique in that it is an independent city with no allegiance to any known powers. As such, it is also in the uncomfortable position of being in close proximity to said powerful factions surrounding them, who never stopped harbouring thoughts of claiming The Golden City for themselves.
  • The Necropolis continent – The night continent. It would have been the centre of trade itself, had its historical turmoil not plunged the land into eternal darkness and turned its surviving people into undead creatures. It is now the land for mostly the undead and the vampires.
  • The Green Hope continent – A curious continent that would be akin to a barren desert, but instead of sand, its wide expanses are covered with grass. Only the centre of the land is abundant with rich resources of water, trees and precious metal. Because of this, the continent is often in strife due to the neverending struggle by the different tribes to conquer the oasis of the land.
  • The Colopsyle (hidden location, not on map) – Also known as the Forgotten Isle, its true location is known only to the trusted members of the Heroes. Due to its highly treacherous environment and violent weathers, it is used solely to imprison villains of the worst calibre. This prison system was considered successful as no villain was reported to have returned from it.

In case anyone’s curious as to how I made this map:

I used our own world map, cut it up to many pieces, rearranged them randomly and used it as base.

Then I created another layer to colour the continents with digital brush and erasing, shape some lands to how I want it. Flip, reverse, changed the angle of some lands.

So, it’s  70% hand, 30% world map.

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