Sorry folks, I don’t like this either.
Work got intense, then life happened, then I can’t seem to get my act together – I need the break or I’ll be worse off.

So. I’ll be taking a break from the Walrus comic and HND comic.
Heroes Never Die will resume from 19 Jan 2022, followed by the Walrus comic on 14 Feb 2022 onwards.

The only activity there’ll be from me is on Patreon, where I’ll be dropping Patreon-exclusive illustrations on November & December. Despite needing the break from comics, I still want to do some measure of art, and I want to make sure my patron folks don’t lose out either.

Truly, I thank you all for the support you’ve given me so far. I’ll be sure to take a proper break, build a real buffer, and be back at the dates mentioned above.

In the meantime, you all take care of yourselves too. It still is a challenging year and we all have to hold on.

Thanks again.

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