The Walrus, the Guppy Fish & the Dragon: Bonus Update – On the Road

The world took a 180 degrees change from weird to outright apocalypse.
With the seas all dried up and resources becoming nigh scarce, our heroes are forced to change themselves in order to survive. With a hardened heart, sharper weapons, and faster wheels, they must master the ground if they are to get ahead.

I present to you;
The Walrus, The Guppy Fish & The Dragon: ON THE ROAD!



Yeah well, you folks obviously saw this coming.
Yet another Monday that has fallen smack on April Fools day!
I felt super compelled to pull these folks into the Mad Max Fury Road setting.
Gotta admit, this would have been pretty badass – if you can ignore the idea of a Walrus on a fast vehicle (sled?).

This is a bonus update, because I refused to miss an update.
Today’s actual update is just 1 page away, so just hit the Back button! XD; Or this link:

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