The Walrus, the Guppy Fish & the Dragon: Just Good Business

I’ve thought about this conversation many times.

It’s not actually a good idea to rant about your own problems when the other was talking about their own problems. Then I realized – this isn’t about a comic about How To Do Things Right. This is about a comic about characters who have their own traits and flaws.

Had Ming Yu not been an understanding individual herself (when she’s not sore about losing her crush), this conversation would have gone sideways.

It is also here that the girl confesses how difficult it’s been for her, even though she hasn’t outwardly shown it much.

A lot of things beyond her control had happened besides the amnesia, like the previous Rage of the Koalas arc, and now this money situation in this current arc. Despite all that, the girl does the best she can, including how to manage the current crush situation.

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