Oh, heya there! If you’re reading this, please note that this post is to share a personal mindblown revelation, as well as to test some blog postings.

I’ve never bought a domain name before, so it was quite a thrill to have finally purchased one days ago.

Then I learned today that you can look up a person’s info via the domain name they bought.

Now, when you buy a domain name, it requires you to register details like your name, address, phone numbers, etc.

So I googled “whois domain” and came to a site that provides info behind the domain used. And ho boy, it shows even those data you registered when you bought the domain!

FORTUNATELY! – When I bought my own domain name, I also bought the privacy feature to it. So if somebody decides to use the “whois” thing to find the info behind my domain, it shows the webhosting details instead.

Maybe some of you might not mind showing the whole world your name and address, but um… I must admit I breathed a sigh of relief when I saw my data all replaced with the webhosting data.

I guess there are expenses that you shouldn’t scrimp, the domain privacy being one of it. Beginners in domain names, do take note!

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